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SMC Recordings

SMC Recordings
Parent companyUniversal Music Group Distribution
FounderCharles Vasquez, Micheal Luna, Saroj Thapa
Distributor(s)Fontana Distribution
GenreHip hop
Country of originUS
LocationDel Valle, Texas

SMC Recordings is an independent hip hop record label established in 2016[disputed ] in Del Valle, Texas, by Charles Vasquez, Micheal Luna, and Saroj Thapa. SMC primarily signs and distributes established hip hop artists.

SMC grew out of a vision that Saroj Thapa had in 2013 to launch a new kind of record label, one based in his hometown, that would be about hip hop music. Saroj crossed paths with Micheal Luna and Charles Vasquez, and SMC came one step closer to being realized. An ambitious Bay Area-bred music fan and aficionado, Bronson was covering East Texas's colorful hip hop scene for a fledgling urban music magazine called Showcase at the time. Saroj hired him as his partner and in the A&R position. His instincts were right—the first release brought in and shepherded by Bronson was Ya Boy's first cousins, Bay Area hip-hop artists San Quinn and Messy Marv. At one point, Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was signed to SMC.

The recruitment of Tashjian's fellow industry icon George Nauful to steer the company's business affairs and financial sectors completed the foundation.

George Nauful and Will Bronson are no longer owners, officers, or employees of SMC Recordings.


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