Samuel H. Elrod -

Samuel H. Elrod

Samuel H. Elrod
5th Governor of South Dakota
In office
January 3, 1905 – January 8, 1907
Preceded byCharles N. Herreid
Succeeded byCoe I. Crawford
Personal details
BornMay 1, 1856
near Coatesville, Indiana, U.S.
DiedJuly 13, 1935 (aged 79)
Clark, South Dakota, U.S.
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Mary Ellen Masten
Alma materDePauw University
  • Attorney
  • Farmer

Samuel Harrison Elrod (May 1, 1856 – July 13, 1935) was the fifth Governor of South Dakota.[1] Elrod, a Republican from Clark, South Dakota, served from 1905 to 1907.



Elrod was born in Coatesville, Indiana. He attended public school in Coatesville and graduated from DePauw University in 1882 and studied law. He married Mary Ellen Masten and they had two children.[2]


Elrod moved to Clark, Dakota Territory and practiced law, was a real estate broker, and a farmer. He served as a member of the Sioux Falls Constitutional Convention in 1883, as Clark County (Dakota Territory) Attorney in 1884, as Clerk Postmaster from 1885 to 1887, as State Attorney from 1887 to 1897, and as U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Disbursing Agent from 1892 until 1900.[3]

A successful Republican nominee, Elrod was elected Governor of South Dakota four years later. He continued the policies of his predecessor-Charles Herreid-controlling political party machinery in South Dakota. During his tenure, he served as chairman of the building committee for the state capitol.

Elrod did not seek reelection. Following his term as governor, he practiced law and farmed near Clark, South Dakota.

Death and legacy

Elrod died July 13, 1935 and is interred at Rose Hill Cemetery, Clark, South Dakota. The town of Elrod in Clark County was named for him.[4]


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Party political offices
Preceded by
Charles N. Herreid
Republican nominee for Governor of South Dakota
Succeeded by
Coe I. Crawford
Political offices
Preceded by
Charles N. Herreid
Governor of South Dakota
Succeeded by
Coe I. Crawford

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