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Sarik Andreasyan

Sarik Andreasyan
Sarik Andreasyan in March 2012.
Sarik Garnikovich Andreasyan

August 24, 1984 (age 35)
OccupationFilm director, film producer, screenwriter

Sarik Garnikovich Andreasyan (Russian: Сарик Гарникович Андреасян, Armenian: Սարիկ Գառնիկի Անդրեասյան) is a Russian-Armenian director, producer and screenwriter of Armenian origin who has worked on films and commercials.[1] He is the founder of Enjoy Movies. In May 2017, Andreasyan left Enjoy Movies studio to start another studio, Bolshoe Kino (Big Movies in Russian).

His early movies were mostly low budget comedies. However, since 2015, Sarik began to move towards science fiction, action and dramas.



Most of Andreasyan's films were met with negative critical reception in Russian media, according to review aggregators Kritikanstvo[2][3][4][5][6][7] and Megacritic.[8] Notable exceptions are the drama Earthquake[9] and anthology film duology Moms,[10] that received more positive reviews. Only two movies by Andreasyan were rated by Rotten Tomatoes, both American Heist[11] and Guardians [12] have a "rotten" rating.

His early comedies, such as The Pregnant ($8.3M Gross),[13] Moms ($7.8M Gross),[14] What Men Do! ($11.3M Gross).,[15] were commercial hits. Andreasyan's recent high-budget movies, however, are considered box office bombs, according to various Russian media. This includes American Heist,[16][17][18][19] Mafia: The Game of Survival,[20][21] and Guardians.[22][23][24]

Andreasyan's disaster drama film Earthquake was selected as the Armenian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 89th Academy Awards,[25][26] but was disqualified by the Academy.[27][28]


Year Film Status
Director Screenwriter Producer
2009 Lopuhi Yes Yes No
2011 Office Romance. Our Time Yes Yes No
2011 The Pregnant Yes Yes Yes
2012 Moms Yes Yes Yes
2012 Some Sloppy Friend Yes Yes Yes
2012 Nannies No No Yes
2012 Guard on Warranty No No Yes
2012 Happy New Year, Moms! Yes Yes Yes
2013 The Double No No Yes
2013 Sex Competition Yes Yes Yes
2013 Lucky Island No No Yes
2013 Friends' Friends No No Yes
2014 Sex Competition 2 Yes Yes Yes
2014 American Heist Yes No No
2015 Mafia: The Game of Survival Yes No No
2016 Earthquake Yes Yes Yes
2017 Guardians Yes No Yes
2017 Love in the City of Angels Yes Yes Yes
2018 Unforgiven Yes No Yes
2019 Girls Are Different Yes No No
2019 Robo Yes No Yes
TBA Goodbye, America! Yes No Yes


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