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Sebastião Lazaroni

Sebastião Lazaroni
Lazaroni as manager of the Qatar national team in 2011
Personal information
Full name Sebastião Barroso Lazaroni
Date of birth 25 September 1950 (age 69)
Place of birth Muriaé, Brazil
Club information
Current team
Teams managed
Years Team
1984–1986 Flamengo
1987–1988 Vasco da Gama
1988 Al-Ahli
1988 Grêmio
1989 Paraná
1989–1990 Brazil
1990–1992 Fiorentina
1992 Al-Hilal
1992–1993 Bari
1993–1994 León
1994 Vasco da Gama
1996 Paraná
1996–1997 Fenerbahçe
1999 Shanghai Shenhua
2000 Jamaica
2000–2001 Botafogo
2001–2002 Yokohama F. Marinos
2003–2004 Al Arabi
2004–2005 Jamaica
2005 Juventude
2006 Trabzonspor
2007–2008 Marítimo
2008–2011 Qatar SC
2011–2012 Qatar
2012–2014 Qatar SC
2015–2016 Qatar SC

Sebastião Barroso Lazaroni,[1] commonly known as Sebastião Lazaroni (born 25 September 1950[1]), is a Brazilian football (soccer) manager who last coached Qatar Stars League club Qatar SC.[2] He was born in Muriaé, Minas Gerais state.[1]

He is well known in Brazil as the manager who tried to introduce the libero position in Brazilian football.[3] He used the 3–5–2 scheme during the 1990 FIFA World Cup, but it was a failure, and Brazil was eliminated in the second round by Argentina.[3]

When he was the Brazil national team head coach, in 35 matches, he won 21, drew seven and lost seven.[3]

He helped Brazil win the South American Championship in 1989, the team's first Copa América title in 39 years.

He is also known for his being the head coach of Turkish club Fenerbahçe that ended the 40-year undefeated European home record of Manchester United in the UEFA Champions' League match in 1996.[4]

He took over the Qatar national team on 1 August 2011 as a replacement for Milovan Rajevac, but was ultimately fired four months later as a result of the team's unimpressive performances. The QFA highlighted his failure to advance past the group stage of the 2011 Pan Arab Games, which Qatar had hosted, as a main cause of his sacking. His record with the team ended with two wins, five draws and two losses.[5] He was officially sacked on January 3, 2012 after his contract was released by QFA.

Lazaroni was last in charge of Qatar SC for the third time in his career following spells with the Doha based club between 2008–2011 and 2012–2014.[2] His third spell ended in disappointment and he was dismissed in May 2016 after the club's relegation from Qatar Stars League.


Managerial statistics

Team From To Record
G W D L Win %
Brazil March 1989 June 1990 30 19 7 4 063.33
Yokohama F. Marinos 2001 2002 37 19 7 11 051.35
Qatar August 2011 January 2012 9 2 5 2 022.22
Qatar SC July 2012 July 2014 53 19 13 21 035.85
Qatar SC October 2015 June 2016 0 0 0 0
Total 127 57 32 38 044.88




Vasco da Gama


Yokohama Marinos

Qatar SC

Shanghai Shenhua





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Preceded by
Roberto Fleitas
South American Coach of the Year
Succeeded by
Luis Alberto Cubilla

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