EditorParham Izadpanah
CategoriesComputer magazine
First issueJanuary 1998
CompanyAsr-e-Shabakeh Publications
Based inTehran
Language Persian

Shabakeh (Network) (ماهنامه شبکه in Persian) is an Iranian information technology magazine founded in 1998 by Hormoz Pur Rostami.[1]



Shabakeh was founded by Hormoz Pur Rostami in 1998 in Tehran, Iran.

Special coverages

Shabakeh magazine editorial board decided to publish the magazine with a special coverage each issue.[2] These coverages mostly are about latest IT changes such as Memristor invention in HP.

Year List of Shabakeh Special Coverages
Year 2008 Quantum Computing
Year 2009 Memristor
Year 2010 Parallel Computing, XML Rise , Wikipedia


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