South Dakota Senate -

South Dakota Senate

South Dakota State Senate
South Dakota State Legislature
Term limits
4 terms (8 years)
New session started
January 14, 2020
Larry Rhoden (R)
since January 5, 2019
Brock Greenfield (R)
since January 10, 2017
Majority Leader
Kris Langer (R)
since January 8, 2019
Minority Leader
Troy Heinert (D)
since January 8, 2019
Political groups
Majority party

Minority party

Length of term
2 years
AuthorityArticle III, South Dakota Constitution
Salary$6,000/session + $142 per legislative day
Last election
November 6, 2018
(35 seats)
Next election
November 3, 2020
(35 seats)
RedistrictingLegislative Control
Meeting place
State Senate Chamber
South Dakota State Capitol
Pierre, South Dakota
South Dakota State Legislature

The Senate is the upper house of the South Dakota State Legislature. It is made up of 35 members, one representing each legislative district, and meets at the South Dakota State Capitol in Pierre.



92nd Legislature (2019)
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic
91st Legislature 29 6 35
92nd Legislature 30 5 35
Latest voting share 85.7% 14.3%


Position Name Party District
President Pro Tem of the Senate Brock Greenfield Republican 2
Majority Leader Kris Langer Republican 25
Assistant Majority Leader Jim Bolin Republican 16
Majority Whips Bob Ewing Republican 31
Joshua Klumb Republican 20
Al Novstrup Republican 3
Jordan Youngberg Republican 8
Minority Leader Troy Heinert Democratic 26
Assistant Minority Leader Craig Kennedy Democratic 18
Minority Whip Reynold Nesiba Democratic 15

Members of the 92nd Senate

District Senator Party Residence
1 Susan Wismer Democratic Britton
2 Brock Greenfield Republican Clark
3 Al Novstrup Republican Aberdeen
4 John Wiik Republican Big Stone City
5 Lee Schoenbeck Republican Watertown
6 Ernie Otten Republican Tea
7 V. J. Smith Republican Brookings
8 Jordan Youngberg Republican Madison
9 Wayne Steinhauer Republican Hartford
10 Margaret Sutton Republican Sioux Falls
11 Jim Stalzer Republican Sioux Falls
12 Blake Curd Republican Sioux Falls
13 Jack Kolbeck Republican Sioux Falls
14 Deb Soholt Republican Sioux Falls
15 Reynold Nesiba Democratic Sioux Falls
16 Jim Bolin Republican Canton
17 Arthur Rusch Republican Vermillion
18 Craig Kennedy Democratic Yankton
19 Kyle Schoenfish Republican Scotland
20 Joshua Klumb Republican Mount Vernon
21 Rocky Blare Republican Ideal
22 Jim White Republican Huron
23 John A. Lake Republican Gettysburg
24 Jeff Monroe Republican Pierre
25 Kris Langer Republican Dell Rapids
26 Troy Heinert Democratic Mission
27 Red Dawn Foster Democratic Pine Ridge
28 Ryan Maher Republican Isabel
29 Gary Cammack Republican Union Center
30 Lance Russell Republican Hot Springs
31 Bob Ewing Republican Spearfish
32 Helene Duhamel Republican Rapid City
33 Phil Jensen Republican Rapid City
34 Jeffrey Partridge Republican Rapid City
35 Jessica Castleberry Republican Rapid City

Past composition of the Senate

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