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Stacy and Witbeck

Stacy and Witbeck is a construction firm operating in the United States. It has received contracts to build several rapid transit lines.[1][2]

In 2011, Engineering News Record (ENR) magazine reported the firm was the 103rd largest construction firm in the United States, and had $450 million in annual revenue.[3]

In 2007 the firm received a contract to construct commuter rail stations in Wilsonville, Oregon.[1] In 2013 the firm received the contract to construct Detroit's M1 streetcar route.[2]


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  2. ^ a b "Detroit streetcar construction contract awarded" . Railway Gazette. 2013-08-02. Archived from the original on 2013-11-09. Retrieved 2014-09-05. The cost of construction is estimated at between $135m and $145m.
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