Stanisław Srokowski

Stanisław Józef Srokowski (1872–1950) was a Polish geographer and diplomat.

Srokowski joined the Polish diplomatic service in 1920 and became the Polish Consul at Odessa and Königsberg. In 1923-1924 he was the Wojewod of the Wołyń Voivodeship and became the Director of the Polish Baltic Institute at Toruń in 1926.

Srokowski was also a Professor at the University of Warsaw prior to World War II and President of the Polish Geographical Society.

In 1946-1950 he was the head of the Polish Committee for Settling of Place Names (Komisja Ustalania Nazw Miejscowości), which determined the names of towns and villages in the Former eastern territories of Germany that became part of Poland after World War II.

Srokowski died in 1950, the village of Drengfurt (Dryfort) was renamed Srokowo in his memory.



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