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Sweden at the 1948 Summer Olympics

Sweden at the
1948 Summer Olympics
NOCSwedish Olympic Committee
Websitewww.sok.se  (in Swedish and English)
in London
Competitors181 (162 men and 19 women) in 18 sports
Ranked 2nd
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
Other related appearances
1906 Intercalated Games

Sweden competed at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, England. 181 competitors, 162 men and 19 women, took part in 100 events in 18 sports.[1]



Medal Name Sport Event
 Gold Henry Eriksson Athletics Men's 1500 m
 Gold Tore Sjöstrand Athletics Men's 3000 m steeplechase
 Gold John Mikaelsson Athletics Men's 10 km walk
 Gold John Ljunggren Athletics Men's 50 km walk
 Gold Arne Åhman Athletics Men's triple jump
 Gold National football team Football Men's competition
 Gold William Grut Modern pentathlon Men's individual
 Gold Kurt Pettersén Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's bantamweight
 Gold Gustav Freij Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's lightweight
 Gold Gösta Andersson Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's welterweight
 Gold Axel Grönberg Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's middleweight[2]
 Gold Karl-Erik Nilsson Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's light-heavyweight[3]
 Gold Gert Fredriksson Canoeing Men's K-1 1000 m
 Gold Gert Fredriksson Canoeing Men's K-1 10000 m
 Gold Gunnar Åkerlund
Hans Wetterström
Canoeing Men's K-2 10000 m
 Gold Hans Berglund
Lennart Klingström
Canoeing Men's K-2 1000 m
 Silver Folke Bohlin
Hugo Johnson
Gösta Brodin
Sailing Men's dragon class
 Silver Gunnar Nilsson Boxing Men's heavyweight
 Silver Olle Anderberg Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's featherweight
 Silver Tor Nilsson Wrestling (Greco-Roman) Men's heavyweight
 Silver Ivar Sjölin Wrestling (freestyle) Men's featherweight
 Silver Gösta Frändfors Wrestling (freestyle) Men's lightweight
 Silver Bertil Antonsson Wrestling (freestyle) Men's heavyweight
 Silver Robert Selfelt
Olof Stahre
Sigurd Svensson
Equestrian Team eventing
 Silver Lennart Strand Athletics Men's 1500 m
 Silver Ingemar Johansson Athletics Men's 10 km walk
 Silver Erik Elmsäter Athletics Men's 3000 m steeplechase
 Bronze Gösta Magnusson Weightlifting Men's light-heavyweight
 Bronze Frank Cervell
Carl Forssell
Bengt Ljungquist
Sven Thofelt
Per Hjalmar Carleson
Arne Tollbom
Fencing Men's team épée
 Bronze Gösta Gärdin Modern pentathlon Men's individual
 Bronze Tore Holm
Torsten Lord
Martin Hindorff
Carl Robert Ameln
Gösta Salén
Sailing Men's 6 metre class
 Bronze Thure Johansson Wrestling (freestyle) Men's flyweight
 Bronze Erik Lindén Wrestling (freestyle) Men's middleweight
 Bronze Bengt Fahlqvist Wrestling (freestyle) Men's light-heavyweight
 Bronze Jonas Jonsson Shooting Men's 50 m rifle, prone position
 Bronze Torsten Ullman Shooting Men's 50 m pistol
 Bronze Sven Lundquist Shooting 25 m rapid fire pistol
 Bronze Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Jr. Equestrian Individual dressage
 Bronze Robert Selfelt Equestrian Individual eventing
 Bronze Bertil Albertsson Athletics Men's 10000 m
 Bronze Rune Larsson Athletics Men's 400 m hurdles
 Bronze Rune Larsson
Kurt Lundquist
Lars-Erik Wolfbrandt
Folke Alnevik
Athletics Men's 4×400 m relay
 Bronze Göte Hagström Athletics Men's 3000 m steeplechase
 Bronze Ann-Britt Leyman Athletics Women's long jump


Men's 110 metres hurdles




Four cyclists, all men, represented Sweden in 1948.

Individual road race
Team road race




Eight fencers, all men, represented Sweden in 1948.

Men's foil
Men's épée
Men's team épée
Men's sabre



Modern pentathlon

Three male pentathletes represented Sweden in 1948.


Sweden had three male rowers participate in two out of seven rowing events in 1948.[4]

Men's single sculls
Men's coxless pair



Eleven shooters represented Sweden in 1948.

25 metre pistol
50 metre pistol
300 metre rifle
50 metre rifle


Water polo



Art competitions


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