Taku High School

Taku Senior High School
MottoHumane, Creative, Active
Established1963 (Showa 38)
PrincipalKumio Tomimatsu

Saga Prefectural Taku Senior High School (佐賀県立多久高等学校) is located in Taku City, Saga Prefecture, Japan. Taku H.S. is a co-educational secondary school.




Taku High School offers its students an integrated course. Courses include:





The school is located beside Route 203, which is part of the Japanese National Highway system.

By car: Taku Senior High School is located just off route 203 in Taku City. If coming from the Nagasaki Expressway, get off at the Taku I.C. and turn left. Drive for about 2 minutes and you will come to route 203. Turn right and drive a further 2 minutes and you can see the school on the right side of the road.

By train: Take the Karatsu Line either from Karatsu Station or Kubota Station. Get off at Naka-Taku Station (JR中多久駅 ) in Taku City. From the station, walk straight ahead to route 203, turn left and cross the road via the overpass. Then take your first right and walk 2 minutes to the school. Walking from the station take about 15 minutes.

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