Tandi Wright

Tandi Wright
Born4 May 1970 (age 51)[1]
Years active1995–present

Tandi Wright (born 13 May 1970 in Zambia) is a television and film actress from New Zealand. She first gained recognition for portraying Nurse Caroline Buxton on the long running New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

She is best known for her roles as Fenn Partington on Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby and Catherine Duvall on Nothing Trivial.

She played a recurring role in 800 Words portraying the character Laura Turner.



Wright was born in Zambia to New Zealander parents Vernon Wright and Dinah Priestley. She grew up in Wellington and attended Wellington High School and Victoria University of Wellington. Her father Vernon Wright, is a former journalist for "The Listener" who now lives in Zambia, and her mother Dinah is a writer and actress in Wellington. Wright has two sisters, Nicky (DOC policy advisor) and Justine (film editor), and two step sisters, Stephanie (information architect) and Victoria (teacher). Her husband Michael Beran is also an actor and they live in Auckland with their daughter, Olive.


From 1995–2000 she appeared as Nurse Caroline Buxton in Shortland Street. Other roles include Power Rangers: S.P.D., Crash Palace, Out of the Blue, Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby, The Lost Children, Black Sheep and Legend of the Seeker.

In 2010, she played the role of Callie Ross, the wife of the main character, in This Is Not My Life. Her next major role followed in 2011–2014, as Dr Catherine Duvall on the TVNZ drama Nothing Trivial. She starred 2014 in the drama thriller series The Returned as Claire Winship.[2]



Year Title Role Notes
1996 The Enid Blyton Adventure Series Ingrid "Ship of Adventure" (S01E06)
1995–2000 Shortland Street Caroline Buxton Main role
2000 Street Legal Detective Senior Sergeant Angela Watson Series regular, unknown episodes
2000 Xena: Warrior Princess Sarah / Sonata "Who's Gurkhan?" (S06E04)
2001 Crash Palace Penny Watts Series regular, unknown episodes
2001–2002 Being Eve Alannah Lush Series regular, unknown episodes
2003 Willy Nilly Joy Main role
2004 Serial Killers Sally Main role
2005 Power Rangers S.P.D. Isinia Cruger Series regular, unknown episodes
2005–2008 Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby Fenn Partington Main role
2006 The Lost Children Charlotte Melville Main role
2006 Maddigan's Quest Timon's Mother "Hillfolk" (S01E02)
2009 Legend of the Seeker Mord'Sith
"Mirror" (S01E18)
"Reckoning" (S01E22)
2010 Legend of the Seeker Alina "Unbroken" (S02E21)
2010 Outrageous Fortune Mandy "Let The Door Be Lock'd" (S06E12)
2010 This Is Not My Life Callie Ross Main role
2011–2014 Nothing Trivial Catherine Duvall Main role
2015 The Returned Claire Winship Series regular
2015 800 Words Laura Turner Series regular


Year Title Role Notes
1984 Iris unknown Based on true story
1992 Absent Without Leave Tom's Fiancée Drama/Romance/War
1996 Permanent Wave unknown Comedy / Drama – Short film
2002 This Is Not a Love Story Studio Art Dept Comedy / Drama
2003 Sylvia 2nd Woman at Ted Hughes' Lecture Biopic
2004 Raising Waylon Tina Stanfil Romantic Comedy
2004 Not Only But Always Julie Andrews Biography / Documentary
2006 Black Sheep Doctor Rush Comedy / Horror
2006 Out of the Blue Julie-Anne Bryson Crime / Drama
2009 Piece of My Heart Chloe Morton Based on true story
2012 Kiwi Flyer Karen Family / Comedy
2013 Jack the Giant Slayer Queen Adventure / Fantasy
2020 Love and Monsters Joel's Mother Post-apocalyptic/Action


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