Telauges (Greek: Τηλαύγης; fl. c. 500 BC) was a Samian Pythagorean philosopher and, according to tradition, the son of Pythagoras and Theano. Little is known about his life and works other than a scattering of remarks from much later writers.


Little is known about the life of Telauges. According to tradition, he was the son of Pythagoras and Theano.[1][2][3] Iamblichus claims that Pythagoras died when Telauges was very young, and that Telauges eventually married Bitale the daughter of Damo, his sister.[4] It was said that Telauges was a teacher of Empedocles,[1][5][6] perhaps in an attempt to link Empedocles to Pythagoras.


Diogenes Laërtius says that Telauges wrote nothing,[1] but then makes use of a supposed letter from Telauges to Philolaus for some information concerning Empedocles.[7] Iamblichus claims that a work of Pythagoras concerning the gods was said by some to have been composed by Telauges, using the notes which Pythagoras bequeathed to Damo.[4] The Suda claims that Telauges wrote four books on the tetractys.[8] Marcus Aurelius, in his Meditations, contrasts Telauges with Socrates.[9]


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