Tenuis alveolar click

Tenuis alveolar velar click
IPA Number178
Entity (decimal)ǃ​ʗ
Unicode (hex)U+01C3 U+0297
Unicode character name for ǃ is LATIN LETTER RETROFLEX CLICK
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Tenuis alveolar uvular click

The voiceless or more precisely tenuis (post)alveolar click is a click consonant found primarily among the languages of southern Africa. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨ǃ⟩. The Doke/Beach convention, adopted for a time by the IPA and still preferred by some linguists, is ⟨ʗ⟩.


Features of the tenuis (post)alveolar click:


Tenuis alveolar clicks are found primarily in the various Khoisan language families of southern Africa and in some neighboring Bantu languages.

Language Word IPA Meaning
Hadza laqo [laǃo] = [laʗo] 'to trip'
Khoekhoe ǃgabe [ǃȁwé] = [ʗȁwé] 'to speak a Khoisan language'
Sesotho ho qoqa [hʊǃɔǃɑ] = [hʊʗɔʗɑ] 'to chat'
Xhosa iqanda [iǃanda] = [iʗanda] 'egg'
Zulu iqaqa [íːǃaːǃá] = [íːʗaːʗá] 'polecat'


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