The Reunion (Capone-N-Noreaga album) -

The Reunion (Capone-N-Noreaga album)

The Reunion
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 21, 2000
LabelTommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records
Capone-N-Noreaga chronology
The War Report
The Reunion
Channel 10

The Reunion is the second studio album by rap duo Capone-N-Noreaga. It is not as critically acclaimed as their first album, The War Report, but did feature a number of well-received tracks, most notably "Invincible," produced by east coast producer/DJ DJ Premier. Because of a manufacturing error, the album was released with two catalog numbers.


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A writer for HipHopDX commended the duo for maintaining their "lyrical chemistry" and the beats from DJ Premier ("Invincible"), The Alchemist ("Bang Bang") and Mobb Deep ("Queens Finest") but felt the rest of the track listing lacked the thug intensity found in their debut effort, concluding that "Overall, The Reunion is a mediocre album, not bad but not great either."[2] Despite highlighting both "Bang Bang" and "Invincible" as standout tracks, AllMusic's Matt Conaway saw the record as a "step backward" for the duo, with guest contributions being "more detrimental than beneficial", saying it "sounds like a hurried project, one where the material has been compromised just to get product on the streets."[1]

Track listing

1."Intro - Change is Gonna Come" (featuring Carl Thomas)Rush2:20
2."Phonetime (skit)" 0:33
4."Queens" (featuring Complexions)The Alchemist4:06
5."Invincible"DJ Premier3:44
6."Bang, Bang" (featuring Foxy Brown)The Alchemist4:28
7."Gangsta (skit)"Kyze1:06
8."Y'all Don't Wanna"Kenya "Fame Flames" Miller & Nokio "The N-Tity"4:28
9."Shows! (Interlude)" (featuring Timbo)Timbo1:18
10."Straight Like That" (featuring Final Chapter)Jewellz4:47
11."All We Got Is Us"EZ ElPee4:26
12."Brothers" (featuring Goldfingaz & Troy Outlaw)Mike "Mr. Fortune" Fortunato, Omar "Amarreto" Glover & Tony "T-Lo" Aviles4:01
13."B EZ" (featuring Nas)L.E.S.3:56
14."Gunz in tha Air"Havoc4:08
15."Wet Willie (skit)" 1:18
16."Full Steezy"SPK4:21
17."Queens’ Finest" (featuring Mobb Deep & Final Chapter)Havoc4:25
18."You Can't Kill Me"Dame Grease4:07
19."Don't Know Nobody" (featuring Musaliny-N-Maze)Chris Liggio & Lord Finesse4:24
20."Hey, Y'All" (featuring Final Chapter)DJ Scratch4:16



Chart (2000) Peak
US Billboard 200[4] 31
US Independent Albums (Billboard)[5] 2
US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard)[6] 8


Year Song Chart positions
Billboard Hot 100 Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks Hot Rap Singles
2000 "Phone Time" - - #22
2001 "Y'all Don't Wanna" - #71 -


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