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Theobald VI, Count of Blois

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Theobald VI of Blois (French: Thibaut) (died 1218) was count of Blois and Clermont-en-Beauvaisis from 1205 to 1218.

He was son of Louis I of Blois and Catherine of Clermont.[1]

Theobald married twice: with Maud of Alençon[1] and with Clemence of Roches, but remained childless. Clemence married Geoffrey VI, Viscount of Châteaudun, as her second husband.

Theobald fought the Moors in Castile.[2] During the campaign he contracted leprosy and returned home.[2] After living withdrawn in his castle in La Ferté-Villeneuil for a few years he died in 1218, leaving his possessions to his aunts Margaret and Isabelle. The northern part of Blois was erected into the County of Chartres for Isabelle; Margaret received the remainder of the County of Blois, and he sold Clermont to the crown before he died.


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Theobald VI, Count of Blois
 Died: 1218
Preceded by
Louis I
Count of Blois
Succeeded by
Count of Clermont-en-Beauvaisis
to royal domain

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