This Mitchell and Webb Book -

This Mitchell and Webb Book

This Mitchell and Webb Book
AuthorDavid Mitchell and Robert Webb
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublishedSeptember 2009
PublisherFourth Estate Ltd
Media typePrint: hardback

This Mitchell and Webb Book is a book written by David Mitchell and Robert Webb of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb. A tie-in to the television series That Mitchell and Webb Look, it was released by Fourth Estate Ltd in September 2009 in the UK, and January 2010 in the US.[1]

It contains material expanding the lives and stories of some of the characters from their BBC Radio 4 sketch show, That Mitchell and Webb Sound, such as Ted and Peter, two alcoholic ex-snooker players turned commentators. The book features a supposed interview with "Peter DeCoursey" (the commentator's full name) in which he reveals that he is gay and poses for some photos. Of Ted it features a tabloid-style tour of his house and interviews with himself and his fifth wife, Asti. It also contains some features made for the book only, like the pitch of the non-existent television sitcom You Know Who Your Mates Are, a parody of working class sitcoms written by out-of-touch middle class people. It is written in a deliberately bad way for comic effect.


The Guardian praised the book, calling it "a deliciously texty book packed with the same kind of slick, idea-rich comic prose that you find in Mitchell's Observer column."[2]


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