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Tobar an Choire
Wolfe Tone Square, Tubbercurry
CountyCounty Sligo
92 m (302 ft)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+0 (WET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-1 (IST (WEST))
Irish Grid ReferenceG520114

Tubbercurry or Tobercurry[2] (Irish: Tobar an Choire[2], meaning "well of the corrie") is the second-largest town in terms of both population and land area in County Sligo, Ireland. It lies at the foot of the Ox Mountains, on the N17 national primary road. The village is twinned with Viarmes in France.[3]



The earliest mention of Tubbercurry is from 1397 when a battle took place in the town between two O’Connor families, the O’Connor Don from Roscommon and the O’Connors from Sligo town. St. Naithí and St Attracta are the patron saints of the area.


Tubbercurry hosts three annual festivals. These include the South Sligo Summer School of Irish traditional music, song and dance, which is held each year during the second week in July. The Old Fair Day Festival is also held annually in early August, and the Western Drama Festival is held in early March.[citation needed]


The local Gaelic football and hurling club is Tubbercurry GAA. Real Tubber F.C. are a local association football club, and South Sligo A.C. is a local athletics club. There is a golf course on the town's edge, named Tubbercurry Golf Club. Other sports are also catered for including badminton, handball and karate.[citation needed]


Tubbercurry is home to Saint Attracta's Community School, which was opened after the merger of Banada Abbey Secondary School and the Marist Convent. St. Attracta's C.S. was opened in November 2002. It is also home to Holy Family National School.


Public transport to the town is provided with a bus service which connects Tubbercurry with Galway, Sligo, Castlebar, Westport and Tuam, as well as services to nearby Ireland West Airport.[citation needed] The town also has a number of private bus and hackney hire companies.

The former Tubbercurry railway station, which first opened in October 1895, was closed for passenger traffic on 17 June 1963 and closed altogether on 3 November 1975.[4]

The reopening of the Western Rail Corridor would restore the service in the future.

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