Trebizond Gospel

Lectionary 243
New Testament manuscript
Illumination representing Mark the Evangelist
Date10th century
Now atRussian National Library
Size33 by 36.5 cm

Trebizond Gospel, 243 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), is a Byzantine illuminated manuscript with the text of Gospel Lectionary, dating palaeographically to the 11th century with 15 parchment leaves (33 by 36.5 cm) from the 10th century or earlier.



The text is written in two columns per page, 18 lines per page in uncial letters.[1] It contains 15 pictures.[2]

The book was richly decorated with gold and jewels by the Trapezuntine Emperor Andronicus. In 1858, the Trebizond Gospel was presented by the Orthodox Metropolitan of Trebizond to the Emperor Alexander II of Russia, who donated it to the Russian National Library, where is held to the present day (Codex Gr. 21, 21a).[1]

It was examined and described by Eduard de Muralt.[3]

The manuscript is not cited in the critical editions of the Greek New Testament (UBS3), because of its small textual value.[4]

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