VSK Aarhus (women)

VSK Aarhus
Full nameVejlby Skovbakken Aarhus
GroundVeljby Stadion, Aarhus
ChairmanLeif Gjørtz Christensen
Head CoachAnders Nim

VSK Aarhus (earlier IK Skovbakken) is a Danish women's football team from Risskov, Aarhus. It is the women's section of VSK Aarhus.

The team was originally created as the women's football section of Hjortshøj-Egå IF, a.k.a. HEI Aarhus. It was the leading team in the 1980s, winning eight championships between 1982 and 1991 including a six-year winning streak. It subsequently won the two first editions of the national cup in 1993 and 1994, and two more championships in 1997 and 1998.[1]

In 2002 the team was transferred to IK Skovbakken. It won its first title as such, its third national cup, in 2009. It also reached the final in 2003, 2006 and 2010.[2] In the Elitedivisionen it has usually ranked third, with Brøndby IF and Fortuna Hjørring dominating the championship.[3]

In 2016 IK Skovbakken and Vejlby IK Fodbold merged into VSK Aarhus which is short for Vejlby Skovbakken Aarhus.[4]




Current squad

As of 30 May 2020[5]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK  DEN Katrine Svane
2 DF  DEN Simone Hagelskjær
3 MF  DEN Maria Denius
4 DF  DEN Sofie Vendelbo Laursen
5 MF  DEN Sofie Lybæk
6 FW  DEN Emma Rhode
7 FW  DEN Cecilie Winther Johansen
8 FW  DEN Sofie Bloch Jørgensen
11 MF  DEN Malou Thyrrestrup
14 GK  DEN Katrine Kleven
No. Pos. Nation Player
15 DF  DEN Christina Beck
16 MF  DEN Julie Dahl
17 FW  DEN Kathrine Spanner
19 DF  DEN Sofie Obel
20 MF  DEN Emma Andersen
22 MF  DEN Mathilde Madsen
23 DF  DEN Christina Ravn (captain)
24 FW  DEN Stine Bloch Jørgensen
MF  AUS Hannah Bacon
MF  DEN Marie Bruun

Competition record

Season Division Position Danish Women's Cup Ch. League
2003–04 1 03 / 08 ?
2004–05 1 03 / 08 ?
2005–06 1 04 / 08 Finalist
2006–07 1 05 / 08 Quarterfinals
2007–08 1 03 / 10 Round of 16
2008–09 1 03 / 10 Champion
2009–10 1 03 / 10 Finalist
2010–11 1 03 / 10 Semifinals
2011–12 1 03 / 10 Quarterfinals
2012–13 1 04 / 10 Quarterfinals


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