Van Buren/1st Avenue and Van Buren/Central Avenue stations -

Van Buren/1st Avenue and Van Buren/Central Avenue stations

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Van Buren/Central Ave & Van Buren/1st Ave
Southbound platform at Central Station (a.k.a., Van Buren Street and Central Avenue and Van Buren Street and 1st Avenue) during the grand opening, December 27, 2008
Other namesCentral Station
ASU Phoenix Campus
LocationCentral Avenue or 1st Avenue and Van Buren Street
Phoenix, Arizona
Owned byValley Metro
Platforms2 Island platforms
Parkingno spaces
Disabled accessYes
OpenedDecember 27, 2008
Preceding station   VMR   Following station
Van Buren/Central Avenue
Valley Metro Rail
One-way operation
Van Buren/1st Avenue
One-way operation
Valley Metro Rail

Van Buren/Central Ave & Van Buren/1st Ave, also known as Central Station, is a Valley Metro Rail station which exists in Downtown Phoenix. Despite having at least four different names, it is all actually one facility, which serves as a stop for various city buses as well as the DASH circulator.


Valley Metro Rail

The rail station is the 17th stop westbound and the 12th stop eastbound on the initial line. The station is configured in an island platform design, with the southbound platform which is located on 1st Avenue at Van Buren Street and the northbound platform located on Central Avenue at Van Buren Street, approximately 400 feet apart from one another.


Weekday Rail Passengers[1][2]
Year In Out Average Daily In Average Daily Out
2009 487,617 484,226 1,920 1,906
2010 722,519 699,623 2,855 2,765
2011 846,556 814,385 3,386 3,257
2012 933,669 891,822 3,734 3,567
2013 927,532 879,009 3,710 3,516
2014 928,865 880,238 3,715 3,520
2015 911,971 849,842 3,647 3,399

Passenger counts shown here are the combined ridership from both the 1st Avenue and Central Avenue platforms.

Bus connections

Local routes

RAPID routes

Express routes

Local area shuttle

Other transit agencies

Notable nearby places


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