Vautrin Lud Prize -

Vautrin Lud Prize

Vautrin Lud Prize
Michael Batty being awarded the 2013 Vautrin Lud Prize
Awarded forAwarded for outstanding achievements in the field of geography
Presented by
  • An independent, five person jury
First awarded
  • 1991; 29 years ago
No. of laureates28 Prizes to 30 Laureates as of 2018

The Prix International de Géographie Vautrin Lud, known in English as the Vautrin Lud Prize, is the highest award in the field of geography.[1] Established in 1991, the award is modeled on the Nobel Prize, and colloquially called the "Nobel Prize for Geography".[1] The award is named after the 16th Century French scholar Vautrin Lud who is credited with naming the New World America after Amerigo Vespucci.[2] The award is given in the autumn of each year at the International Geography Festival in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France (the home town of Vautrin Lud) and decided upon by a five-person international jury.[1]



Name Country Year
Peter Haggett UK 1991
Torsten Hägerstrand and Gilbert F. White Sweden and USA 1992
Peter Gould USA 1993
Milton Santos Brazil 1994
David Harvey UK 1995
Roger Brunet and Paul Claval [fr] France 1996
Jean-Bernard Racine Switzerland 1997
Doreen Massey UK 1998
Ron J. Johnston UK 1999
Yves Lacoste France 2000
Sir Peter Hall UK 2001
Bruno Messerli Switzerland 2002
Allen J. Scott USA 2003
Philippe Pinchemel France 2004
Brian J. L. Berry USA 2005
Heinz Wanner [de] Switzerland 2006
Mike Goodchild UK 2007
Horacio Capel Sáez [es] Spain 2008
Terry McGee Canada 2009
Denise Pumain France 2010
Antoine Bailly [fr] Switzerland 2011
Yi-Fu Tuan China-USA 2012
Mike Batty [3] UK 2013
Anne Buttimer Ireland 2014
Edward Soja USA 2015
Maria Dolors García Ramón [fr] Spain 2016
Akin Mabogunje Nigeria 2017
Jacques Lévy France 2018
John A. Agnew UK-USA 2019

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