Veterans Way/College Avenue station -

Veterans Way/College Avenue station

Veterans Way/College Ave
Sun Devil Station during the grand opening, December 27, 2008
Location5th Street at College Avenue, Tempe AZ
Owned byValley Metro
Bicycle facilitiesBike station
Disabled accessYes
OpenedDecember 27, 2008
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Valley Metro Rail

Veterans Way/College Ave, also known as the Tempe Transportation Center, is a regional transportation center on Valley Metro Rail in Tempe, Arizona, United States. As part of the regional transportation system, it is also the location of stops on multiple bus routes. A bike station is located here.

This station has three names: Valley Metro calls the train platforms of this station Veterans Way/College Ave and the local bus bays the Tempe Transportation Center. Both are part of the same facility and immediately adjacent to Sun Devil Stadium which serves as the station's third name, as shown on the train platform signs. Bus schedules, train maps, and local signage all refer variously to only one of the names.


Tempe Transportation Center

Tempe Transportation Center
Overall view of the Tempe Transportation Center from the roof of the city hall parking garage.
General information
TypeTransit Center
LocationVeterans Way and College Avenue
Address200 East Fifth Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281
United States
Coordinates33°25′33.75″N 111°56′9.25″W / 33.4260417°N 111.9359028°W
Cost$25 million USD
OwnerCity of Tempe
Technical details
Structural systemSteel Frame, concrete floors, glass and masonry curtain walls
Floor count3 story
Floor area40,000 sf
Design and construction
ArchitectJohn Kane
Architecture firmArchitekton with OTAK
Structural engineerBrickey Design Associates
Civil engineerMichael Baker, Jr., Inc
Other designersMechanical/Electrical Engineer
Landscape Architect
A Dye Design
LEED Consultant
Natural Logic Inc.
Main contractorAdolfson and Peterson
Awards and prizesPlatinum-level LEED certification pending

The Tempe Transportation Center facilities are a combination of a light rail station, bus transfer stations and a mixed use building all in the shadow of A Mountain. The main building is composed of three stories with retail space, a transit information center and Arizona's first Bike Station all located on the first floor. The second floor is home to the offices for the City of Tempe Transportation Department Offices and the signature element of the project, the Don Cassano Community Room which is open on the ground level to provide shading for pedestrians passing by. On the third floor of the building are leaseable office space and the City of Tempe's Transit Operations Center.[1] The center was designed by the Tempe-based firm Architekton with Portland, OR based OTAK Inc. and is currently under review for LEED v2.2 Platinum Certification.[2] The majority of the outdoor area on the site is covered with water permeable pavers for natural drainage. On the roof are solar panels and a green roof designed to reduce the heat island effect with local plants to help insulate the building.[3]


Weekday Rail Passengers[4][5]
Year In Out Average Daily In Average Daily Out
2009 440,430 455,710 1,734 1,794
2010 477,318 510,669 1,887 2,018
2011 492,715 540,879 1,970 2,163
2012 502,545 562,034 2,010 2,248
2013 489,730 551,426 1,958 2,205
2014 495,092 552,384 1,980 2,209
2015 519,599 571,492 2,078 2,258


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