Vietnam Football Federation -

Vietnam Football Federation

Vietnam Football Federation
Founded1960 (Vietnam)
HeadquartersNational Youth Football Training Centre 844 Hanoi
FIFA affiliation1952 (South Vietnam)[1]
1964 (Vietnam)
AFC affiliation1954 (South Vietnam)[2][3][4]
1978 (Vietnam)[5]
AFF affiliation1996
PresidentLê Khánh Hải

The Vietnam Football Federation (Vietnamese: Liên Đoàn Bóng Đá Việt Nam; French: Fédération du Viêt Nam de Football) is the governing body of football in Vietnam. It is responsible for the Vietnam men's, women's, olympic, and youth teams as well as national competitions.



In 1960, Vietnam Football Association was established in the North. Its first president Hà Đăng Ấn, head of Railway Department and a former football star. In the South under control of the Republic of Vietnam, a similar Association was also founded to administer football activities in the South.

Football has been played in Vietnam since the early 20th century, however, due to the war, it had not been developed into a movement. Due to the division of Vietnam, football was played differently in the two parts of the country until 1975.

In 1989, following the Đổi mới reforms, Vietnamese sports began to return to international events. After three months of preparation, in August 1989, the First Congress of the new football federation took place in Hanoi, declaring Vietnam Football Federation. Trịnh Ngọc Chữ, deputy minister of General Department of Sports, was elected president of VFF and Lê Thế Thọ was appointed general secretary.

Main board


The current president of VFF is Lê Khánh Hải.


Executive committee


Affiliated committees

Regional federations

35 provincial federations are constituent members of VFF:





Domestic leagues

For men

For women

Domestic cups

National teams



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