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Vincent Wilkie

Vincent Wilkie (born 1969) is a German electronic singer-songwriter and webdesigner of British descent.

In the period between 1995 and 2000, Wilkie mainly released as "lotte ohm." (not to be confused with the German actress by the same name). This included several albums, singles, remixes and collaborations with various members of Germany's electronic and hip hop scene. He also appeared as "The Dope Fiend" and as a member of zany dada-electro duo "Pieter Bohlen & Dieter Maffay", together with Gautsch (aka DJ Malente). In 1996, he produced Empty Chairs by Colin Wilkie, his father.[1]

Wilkie's biggest hit was "Hinter Diesen Mauern" in 1999, a collaboration with ex-Fischmob rapper Sven Mikolajewicz as "Sven Franzisko". The single, released as the "official soundtrack single" of computer game Dungeon Keeper 2 entered the German single charts within a week of release and remained there for eleven weeks, peaking at no. 32.[2]

In 2006, Wilkie resurfaced as "Instant Wilkie", releasing an album called Big in Japan.[3]


As "Vincent Wilkie & The Unexpected":

Als "lotte ohm.":

As "The Dope Fiend":

As "Sven Franzisko":

As "Pieter Bohlen & Dieter Maffay":

As "Instant Wilkie":


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