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Werner Aspenström

Werner Aspenström
Werner Aspenström in 1960.
BornNovember 13, 1918
Norrbräcke, Sweden
Died25 January 1997 (aged 78)
Stockholm, Sweden
Occupationwriter, poet

Karl Werner Aspenström (13 November 1918 – 25 January 1997) was a Swedish poet.

Born at Norrbärke, he was a member of the Swedish Academy, where he held Seat 12 from 1981 to 1997. Following his breakthrough in 1949 with Snölegend ("Snow legend") he was considered as one of the leading 20th century Swedish poets, and his poetry have often been compared to the works of the Nobel Prize laureats Harry Martinson and Tomas Tranströmer.[1] Aspenström claimed that his motivation for writing was "writing for his cat".

He was a friend of Stig Dagerman's. His wife died in 2015.

Selected works


  1. ^ Isaksson, Hans (2003). Werner Aspenström. Natur & Kultur. ISBN 91-27-07865-5.
Cultural offices
Preceded by
Sten Lindroth
Swedish Academy,
Seat No.12

Succeeded by
Per Wästberg

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