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Wilkes University, Mesa

Wilkes University, Mesa
Motto"Unity Amidst Diversity"
ProvostAnne Skleder
Location, ,
United States of America
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Wilkes University, Mesa, is a private university located in Mesa, Arizona.[1][2] It began offering classes in Arizona in 2013.[3] The university was established to provide first-generation college students access to higher education.[1] It was one of four colleges invited to participate in Mesa’s H.E.A.T. (Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Technology/Tourism) Initiative for Economic Development.[4]

In 1933, the Wilkes University main campus was founded in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.[1][5] The university signed an agreement with Mesa, Arizona to bring a satellite location to the city in July 2012.[3][6] Under the agreement, Mesa negotiated a five-year lease for Wilkes University in the Mesa Center for Higher Education.[7]

Wilkes University, Mesa began offering classes in 2013.[3] It was the fourth university to open a campus in Mesa that year.[7] In 2013, the university began offering a MBA program.[8] The main campus was ranked 74th best regional university in the northern United States by U.S. News & World Report the following year.[5] In November 2014, Wilkes University, Mesa offered over $150,000 in scholarships to Mesa residents.[1][8] The university focuses on providing education opportunities to first-generation students.[1]

The university hosted a writer’s conference and All-Collegiate poetry slam in December 2014.[4][9] In January 2015, Wilkes University, Mesa began offering business majors including accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, management, marketing and sports and event management.[8] Additionally, the university added master's degrees in creative writing and education to its degree plans as well as a doctor of education program in educational leadership.[4] Wilkes University, Mesa graduated its first class of MBA students in December 2014.[10]


Wilkes University offers 39 undergraduate degree programs, a doctor of nursing practice, doctor of education and doctor of pharmacy degrees and multiple master's degrees.[8] The Mesa location specializes in Master of Business Administration degrees and bachelor's degrees in business for transfer students.[5][2] Additionally, the campus offers master's degrees in engineering management, creative writing, education and a doctor of education program.[3] Wilkes University, Mesa focuses on providing small classes with individualized instruction to students.[5]


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