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Wolfenbüttel Wildcats

Wolfenbüttel Wildcats
LocationWolfenbüttel, Germany
Team colorsWhite and black
PresidentRalph Bosse
Championships1 German League

Wolfenbüttel Wildcats Baskets was a German women's basketball club from Wolfenbüttel playing in the Bundesliga.[1] It made four appearances in the Ronchetti Cup in the 1990s,[2] and in 2012 it won the national championship for the first time.[3] In June 2013 the club filed for bankruptcy after already having major financial problems during the 2012/2013 season.[4] For the 2013/2014 season a new club/team with the name Wolfpack Wolfenbüttel was founded, it plays in the second-tier league in Germany.


2012-13 Roster


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