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Xavier Quevedo

Xavier Quevedo
Personal information
Born21 January 1991 (age 29)
Bachaquero, Zulia, Venezuela
Team information
Current teamGobernación Bolivariana de Carabobo
Amateur teams
2010–2011Fund Nelson Cabrera Gob Soc Trujillo
2012Gobernación del Zulia
2014–2017Gobernación de Yaracuy–Androni
2018Gobernación de Miranda–Trek
2018–Gobernación Bolivariana de Carabobo

Xavier Quevedo (born 21 January 1991) is a Venezuelan racing cyclist.[1] He rode at the 2014 UCI Road World Championships.

Major results

1st Stage 3 Vuelta a Venezuela
1st National Road Race Championships
1st Stage 4 Vuelta a Venezuela
1st National Road Race Championships
1st Points classification Vuelta a Venezuela
6th Central American and Caribbean Games, Road race
Vuelta a Venezuela
1st Points classification
1st Stage 8
9th Clasico FVCiclismo Corre Por la VIDA
Vuelta a Venezuela
1st Stages 9 & 10
10th Overall Tour du Maroc
Vuelta a Venezuela
1st Points classification
1st Stages 2 & 10
1st Stages 1 & 7 Vuelta a Venezuela
1st Stage 5 Vuelta a Miranda


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