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Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard
Xīnjiāng Tiānshān Xuěbào
Full nameXinjiang Tianshan Leopard Football Club
FoundedDecember 2011
GroundXinjiang Sports Centre
OwnerUrumqi Juntai Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Juntai Group)
ChairmanLi Jianzhong (李建忠)
ManagerFernando Sánchez Cipitria
LeagueChina League One
2019League One, 13th
WebsiteClub website

Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard F.C. (Chinese: 新疆天山雪豹; pinyin: Xīnjiāng Tiānshān Xuěbào) is a professional Chinese football club that participates in the China League One division under licence from the Chinese Football Association (CFA). The team is based in Ürümqi, Xinjiang and their home stadium is the Xinjiang Sports Centre that has a seating capacity of 50,000. Their majority shareholder is the Urumqi Juntai Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Juntai Group)



Hubei China-Kyle was established in December 2011 by the China-Kyle Special Steel Co., Ltd and they brought in Li Jianzhong (李建忠) as their chairman as well as Li Jun (李军) as their first manager.[1] With the aid from the Hubei Football Association they formed a team and registered to play within the third tier of the Chinese football league system in the 2012 league season. Their home location was the Huangshi Stadium and all blue was chosen as their home uniform. In their debut season they finished fourth place in the South Group and advanced into the play-offs where after beating Hebei Zhongji and Shenzhen Fengpeng they ultimately came runners-up to Guizhou Zhicheng F.C. within the division, nonetheless that position ensured promotion to the China League One division.[2]

In their first appearance within the second division the club would struggle with the higher level of finance and professionalism required within the division. Before the start of the season the team could not afford the plane tickets required to go their training camp set in Dongguan, Guangdong and had to go there by coach.[3] Despite the financial constraints Li Jun was able to avoid relegation on the final day of the season when the team beat Chengdu Tiancheng F.C. 2–0 at home.[4] At the start of the 2014 league season the club would publicly declare they were looking for investment and were willing to leave Hubei Province to obtain it.[5] This saw speculation grow that the club were going to move to Xi'an, but talks between the city broke down.[6] The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, however would express interest in investing into the club, which initially saw them take over their Under-20 team.[7] On 14 February 2014 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Bureau followed through with their investment by providing the Xinjiang Sports Centre, training facilities and sponsorship, which saw Hubei China-Kyle moved to Xinjiang's capital city Ürümqi and changed their name to Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard.[8] The club would gain sponsorship from local real estate company Urumqi Juntai Real Estate Co., Ltd. (Juntai Group) who decided to become the clubs main investor throughout the season.[9]

In the 2018 China League One, Xinjiang suffered a shock as they finished last in the division, but due to Yanbian Funde owing taxes, Zhejiang Yiteng being unable to apply for a League One license, and Dalian Transcendence falling to the amateur level, Xinjiang miraculously managed to stay afloat in the League One.

Name history

Current squad

As of 7 March 2019[10]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
2 DF Nurmemet Tursun
3 DF Ekremjan Eniwar
4 DF Ritus Krjauklis
5 MF Mirza'ekber Almjan
6 DF Arpati Mijiti
7 FW Shewket Yalqun (on loan from Guangzhou Evergrande)
8 MF Huang Long
9 FW Yehya Ablikim
10 MF Sabit Abdusalam
11 FW Stefano Pinho
12 GK Gu Junjie
13 GK Yusup'Ali Wahaf
14 DF Mehmud Abdukerem
15 MF Dilyimit Tudi
16 DF Zhang Ao
No. Position Player
17 MF Ermek Talaphan
18 MF Xiang Jiachi
19 MF Hairula Eshanjan
20 MF Ulam'ali Amet
21 MF Erpanjan Aniwar
22 DF Bebet Murat
23 DF Liu Ruicheng (on loan from Guangzhou Evergrande)
24 GK Ding Runshan
25 DF Abdurahman Yusufkadir
28 MF Dilxat Ablimit
29 FW Ibraim Keyum
30 MF Abbas'haji Awut
37 MF Danyar Musajan
39 FW Naldinho

Reserve squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
40 DF Diyar Hani
41 DF Almas Azat
42 MF Argin Kongelbek
44 DF Mukaddas Musaip
46 DF Liu Dongyang
50 MF Yasin
No. Position Player
52 MF Hudaberdi Bekri
53 GK Ekramjan Sirajidin
58 DF Ilyas Ilhar
65 DF Mehmudjan Minem
67 MF Abudunabi Adiljan

Coaching staff

Position Staff
Head coach Fernando
Assistant coach Wang Wenhua (王文华)
Assistant coach Yan Mingchao (严明超)
Assistant coach Yang Quanbin (杨全斌)
Goalkeeping coach He Zhengyuan(和正元)
Physio Bao Tonghua (鲍同华)
Physio Cheng Chang (程畅)


Managerial history


All-time league rankings

As of the end of 2018 season.[11][12]

Year Div Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Pos. FA Cup Super Cup AFC Att./G Stadium
2012 3 30 15 7 8 32 22 10 44 1 RU DNE DNQ DNQ 1,645 Huangshi Stadium
2013 2 30 8 6 16 27 41 −14 30 13 R2 DNQ DNQ 2,206
2014 2 30 8 11 11 29 33 −4 35 10 R2 DNQ DNQ 3,161 Xinjiang Sports Centre
2015 2 30 10 9 11 43 51 −8 39 8 QF DNQ DNQ 4,114
2016 2 30 11 6 13 31 36 −5 39 11 R3 DNQ DNQ 2,615
2017 2 30 9 8 13 37 52 −15 35 11 R2 DNQ DNQ 2,450
2018 2 30 3 9 18 24 61 −37 18 16 R3 DNQ DNQ 1,246 Hongshan Stadium
2019 2 DNQ DNQ



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