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Zhejiang Provincial College of Medicine

Zhejiang Provincial College of Medicine (Traditional Chinese: 浙江省立醫學院; Simplified Chinese: 浙江省立医学院), was a medical college for higher education in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It was one of main roots for the current School of Medicine, Zhejiang University (浙江大學醫學院/浙江大学医学院).


Brief history

The college was founded as Zhejiang Medical School (浙江医学专门学校) in June 1911. July 1913, the Zhejiang Medical School was renamed as the Zhejiang Public School of Medicine (浙江公立医药专门学校). August 1931, it was renamed as Zhejiang Provincial College of Medicine (浙江省立医学院).

1949, after the Chinese Civial War, the college was taken over by the Hangzhou Civic Military Control Committee (杭州市军管会).[1]

During 1952-1953, the Adjustment for University Colleges and Departments (中國高校院系調整 / 中国高校院系调整) started, Zhejiang University was dissociated, and its medical school, merged with the Zhejiang Provincial College of Medicine, formed the Zhejiang Medical College (浙江医学院).

1960, Zhejiang Medical College was promoted to Zhejiang Medical University (浙江医科大学).[2]

1998, the reunification of Zhejiang University was approved, and Zhejiang Medical University became the School of Medicine, Zhejiang University.


List of Presidents from 1911 to 1951:[1]


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