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Zhejiang University Libraries System

Zhejiang University Libraries
The building of the Library of General Knowledge (基础分馆) in Zijin'gang Campus
LocationHangzhou, Zhejiang,  China
Size6.9 million books
(December 2008)
Access and use
Circulationpublicly circulate
Population servedmembers of the public
Other information
DirectorMr. LU Dongming (鲁东明)
Law Library homepage
Million Project

Zhejiang University Libraries System or simply Zhejiang University Library or Zheda Library, is the libraries system of Zhejiang University, and one of the largest university libraries in China.



Zhejiang University libraries in total had a paper-based collection of about 6.18 million volumes on 10 June 2005, and was ranked as the largest university collection in Mainland China.[1] Till December 2008, the collection was largely increased and had a total collection of about 6.9 million volumes, makes it one of two largest university libraries in Mainland China, along with Peking University Library in Beijing.


The system has several libraries located in different campuses of Zhejiang University. The system mainly has eight branch libraries:


The China-America Digital Academic Library (CADAL) or China-US Million Book Digital Library Project (simply Million Project) was co-constructed by Chinese and American institutes and researchers. At present it's co-managed by Zhejiang University Libraries and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School. The project was initiated by American and Chinese computer scientists, including Prof. Raj Reddy (CMU), Pan Yunhe (ZJU), etc.[4]

The first meeting of this project was held in Carnegie Mellon University in August 2001. The project was officially launched in December 2002. In November 2005, the internet gateway was set at Zhejiang University Libraries. At present more countries and universities participate in this project and it has about 1.5 million digital volumes.[5]

In December 2005, the partnership between Zhejiang University Libraries and the University of Pittsburgh Library System was established.[6]


The China Education and Research Digital Library (CERDLib) is currently co-managed by Zhejiang University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School.[7]

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